Phamacies in our villages don’t just dispense medicines. They can help you replace forgotten medicine, lost prescriptions, general medical advice on may areas such as stomach upsets, treat bites , provide contraception and many other items. They are generally open longer hours than most services and are open at weekends.


Lost or forgotten medicines – pharmacies in the the local area may be able to obtain your prescription in various ways. Call ahead to check they can – but there is no need to attend a GP Practice.

  1. (England registered patients only) For patients on electronic repeat dispensing it is possible for a pharmacy to retrieve an active prescription token once patient demographic data is collected and consent received.
  2. (England registered patients only) The patient’s GP practice can direct an electronic prescription to any pharmacy. This would normally be requested by the patient through their normal method.
  3. (UK Registered patients only) The patient’s GP can fax, email or telephone a prescription to any pharmacy but this is considered an Emergency Supply at request of a GP and the original prescription MUST be supplied within 72 hours.
  4. (UK registered patients only) The pharmacy can make an emergency supply at the request of the patient (with some limitations). This must normally be funded either by the patient.

Minor Ailments

Our village pharmacies  are the best place to get advice locally on illnesses which whilst not major do stop you enjoying your holiday. We would recommend you contact a pharmacist first rather than a GP Practice. This ensures we can get you over the counter medicines quickly and also keeps GP appointments free.

Check out the local practice in your area via the area search.

Alternatively  have a look at the NHS Choices pages for some advice on common problems.